Are Steroids Legal? Find The Laws in Your State or Country

Are Steroids Legal? Find The Laws in Your State or Country

Steroid laws can be tricky because they differ from place to place. In some places, they are downright illegal but in others, the regulations aren’t quite so extreme. Moreover, steroids are often used as medical treatments for various conditions like low testosterone, delayed puberty, and even arthritis so they have to be at least partially legal.

And whatever the laws may be, another important issue is how they are enforced. If they are illegal, are you really going to see cops cruising through gyms arresting everyone with a vial of testosterone on them? Probably not.

 importing of steroids for personal use

In any case, it’s better to be informed and know what the laws are where you live so that you can be prepared and know what to expect. In this article, we’ll cover the key laws about steroids in various states in the US and countries around the world.

United States

The federal government has classified anabolic steroids like testosterone as schedule III controlled substances. This means that it is a felony offence to possess them unless you have a prescription from a doctor.

prescription of steroids for bodybuilding

If you are caught in possession of steroids without a prescription, you’ll most likely just get a fine which sucks but it’s better than jail. However, depending on the officer, they might try to upgrade your possession violation into a distribution violation.

If you’ve ever loaned a vial to a friend who was running low, they can use that as justification for charging you as a distributor—a charge that could carry jail time. So you’ll want to be very careful about sharing.

Since these laws exist at the federal level, that means that they hold true for each state. However, the likelihood of getting caught if you’re just getting them for personal use (not selling them or otherwise distributing them) is not so high.

The trouble is in finding legit sources to buy real, quality steroids. Because the sale and purchase is so strictly controlled, there’s no easy way to find a safe and reliable source of steroids. It takes a lot of research, trial and error.


Canada has similar laws to the United States. Steroids are legal with a prescription. Without, it is illegal to buy or sell them. However, if you are caught in possession of steroids, there is no consequence.

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This is where Canada differs from the United States. In the US, you will get fined for being found with steroids on you. But in Canada, it’s only illegal to buy or sell them so as long as you are not caught in the act of doing either of those, you are pretty much in the clear.


In Mexico, it’s more lax. You can get certain steroids like Deca and Sustanon without any prescription. However, because the laws in the US are so strict, trying to take the steroids you bought in Mexico across the border will be charged as smuggling controlled substances if you are caught.

Other Countries

In general, most countries have some variation of the US law where most steroids are legal with a prescription. But the enforcement of that law or the strictness of it will differ from country to country. And there are some countries where it’s totally legal. Here are some examples:

distribution of steroids illegal

  • Australia: legal with prescription but prescription is really hard to get.
  • Belgium: legal with prescription.
  • Columbia: legal, no prescription needed.
  • Costa Rica: legal, no prescription needed.
  • Dominican Republic: legal, no prescription needed.
  • Egypt: legal, no prescription needed.
  • France: legal with prescription.
  • Germany: legal with prescription, but must be used in presence of a medical professional (so you can’t take steroids with you and use them at your own leisure).
  • Hong Kong: legal, no prescription needed.
  • India: legal, no prescription needed.
  • Japan: legal with prescription.
  • Korea: legal, no prescription needed.
  • Norway: completely illegal in all circumstances.
  • Poland: legal, no prescription needed.
  • Puerto Rico: legal, no prescription needed.
  • South Africa: legal with prescription.
  • Sweden: completely illegal in all circumstances.
  • Switzerland: legal with prescription.
  • Thailand: legal, no prescription needed.

Tips For Getting Legal Steroids

If you’re truly concerned about getting legal steroids, you’ll need to get a steroid prescription from a doctor. This will allow you to buy from legal sources and will ensure that you don’t get any fines or jail time for having steroids on you.

get prescription from doctor for anabolic steroids

Here are some tips for getting a prescription:

  • Go to a specialist, not general practitioner. Find a hormone replacement clinic in the area or any clinic/doctor that specialized in hormone treatments.
  • Mention symptoms like chronic fatigue, low energy, and decreased sex drive. These are all symptoms of low testosterone.
  • Temporarily decrease testosterone levels. There are some foods that could potentially lower your testosterone levels if you consume them enough. Do this for a few weeks before a blood test so that you might get low enough results to get a prescription. Focus on foods with a lot of lignin and estrogen.

Final Word

If you are in a country where steroids are illegal or only legal with a prescription, you do have the option of buying online from companies located in countries where they are legal. However, buying online is risky as there are a lot of scams out there.

legit online source of gear-roids-steroids

So before you go make a huge purchase on a steroid site, do your research and make sure it is a legit source that sells the real deal. You can read our tips on finding legit sources.

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