Cernos Gel

(Testosterone Gel IP 1% w/w)
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Packaging : 5-Grams/Sachet & 14 Sachets / BoxManufacturer : Sun Pharmaceuticals
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Cernos Gel is being used for the following with below mentioned effects

  • Sexual Deficiency Treatment/Muscle Mass Growth
  • Moderate Water Retention
  • Moderate Estrogenic Effects
  • High Androgenic Effects

Testosterone gel was approved by the FDA in 2000, and quickly became a popular way to administer testosterone for a variety of reasons. Teen males with delayed puberty, and older males with a testosterone deficiency are just a few of the many examples of those that can benefit greatly from testosterone supplement.

For those that hate using needles, or have a medical reason for avoiding them, testosterone gel is a godsend. It’s just as easy as using lotion, and takes effect after just around 30 minutes. Both athletes and bodybuilders can find a big appreciation with such an easy-to-use form of testosterone, leading to significant gains and increased muscle mass in a short amount of time.

If you are in need of testosterone for any reason, and want the easiest way to get it, it’s hard to go wrong with Cernos Gel.