(Testosterone Propionate IP 100mg/ml)
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TestoRapid is being used for the following with some effects mentioned below

  • Sexual Deficiency Treatment/Muscle Mass Growth
  • Moderate Water Retention
  • Moderate Estrogenic Effects
  • High Androgenic Effects

Testosterone propionate got its start in the 1930’s when developers were looking for a way to increase the usefulness of testosterone by slowing its release into the body. It has always primarily been used to address testosterone deficiency in males, and also as a way to speed up puberty for younger men who are experiencing a delay, often in the form of cryptorchidism.

If you are struggling with libido and overall sexual performance, TestoRapid can effectively raise your testosterone levels and have you performing again. The hormone replacement aspects carry over to other areas too, such as overall strength, energy, and even mental focus.

Like all testosterones, testosterone propionate can also be used to add muscle mass and strength due to its estrogenic properties that increase water retention.



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