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    As you go about your day, the cells of your brain will use energy in the form of ATP.
    This means that ATP molecules will be turning into ADP, then AMP and finally adenosine. More and more
    adenosine will build up in your brain, and the more adenosine your brain has registered, the more it will
    make you feel tired.
    So adenosine is like the sand of your brain’s hourglass, signaling that it’s time to rest.
    Once you go to sleep, your brain is able to wash out all of the piles of adenosine and turn them back into
    ATP. Thus, you can wake up energetic and ready for a new day!
    Having too much caffeine stops your brain from detecting adenosine. So you won’t feel tired even though adenosine is still building up. That’s one of the reasons you end up being addicted to coffee.

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