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    Olive oil extract is often found in supplements for fat loss and vasodilation, but the main reason one should take this supplement is its main constituent is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

    Oleocanthal, one of the main polyphenolics in olive oil acts an a cyclooxygenase (COX)inhibitor, the enzyme that turns arachdonic acid into prostaglandins(proinflammatory). This paper mentions a head to head comparison of oleocanthal vs ibuprofen for COX inhibition and the results are pretty incredible. Oleocanthal showed COX inhibition to be 41-57% compared to 13-18% for ibuprofen at the same dose! They were both tested against COX 1&2. Not only that, but oleocanthal has been shown to have a positive effect on fighting neurodegenerative diseases, as well as joint degeneration, both by inhibiting or lowering proinflammatory cytokines.

    Lastly, the paper discusses the use of oleocanthal as a possible cancer preventative, showing it has antiproliferative properties for breast and prostate cancer. It also promotes apoptosis at key development steps for cancer cells. This might be a supplement that everyone should take for daily overall and preventative health either in the leaf extract form or extra virgin olive oil. Benefits not mentioned in this paper are it’s effects on blood pressure, HDL, LDL, oxidation of LDL, and blood glucose metabolism. I would look for a minimum dose of 1000mg/d of olive oil with a high standardization for oleocanthal.

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