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    Two Ways To Fight Baldness Caused by Steroids

    1. Keep DHT level lower through limiting or even omitting at all steroids that acute hair loss.
    2. The use of topical medications.
    When testosterone or DHT level is extremely high in the body topical creams or gels are inefficient. You will find dozens of recommendations but just a few of them can be of real help. Therefore, be careful with your choice.
    The list of most androgenic hair loss steroids. The more androgenic compound is, a more pronounced increase of DHT will be observed.
    Steroids will speed up the hair loss if you are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness. If you have previous cases of baldness in your family keep your hands off steroids if you dare your hair. Or at least, cut from your list the ones with worsening effect on hair.

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