steroid cycle for building mass

Your Complete Guide to Steroid Cycling For Building Mass

Whether you’re a body builder or just someone who wants to bulk up and get super sculpted, building mass can be one of the most challenging things to accomplish. For many, you can achieve the gains you are after purely through diet and workout (if you are strict and consistent enough).

But for others who have been working hard and committing to a strict routine for ages without seeing the full extent of mass building results that they want, it can start to get super frustrating. For those people, we recommend considering the possibility of steroids as a way to give you that last little push you need to reach the finish line and see those gains you have been struggling so hard to get.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to create a diet and exercise program that will help you build the mass that you want and then we’ll discuss some of your options when it comes to steroids in case you choose to go that route.

diet and exercise program for building mass

The Right Diet For Building Mass

When your main focus is packing on mass, you need a high calorie diet. We’re talking more calories than you burn. And those calories need to come from the right sources to help you build muscle—otherwise all that mass you’re packing on is just going to be flabby fat.

Right diet for building mass

The actual calorie count will differ depending on your body and the day. The rule of thumb to follow is:

  • On training days, eat 18-20 calories per pound of body weight. So a 180 pound person would need 3240 to 3600 calories on a day when they are training.
  • On your rest days, eat 15-17 calories per pound of body weight. So that same 180 pound person would eat 2700 to 3060 on their rest day.

For bulking up, the key is protein and a whole lot of it. A good balance of macronutrients would be:

  • 50% protein from nutritious sources like fish, poultry, and organ meats (liver, heart, stomach, etc.)
  • 30% carbs from complex, whole food sources like whole grains (oats, brown rice, whole grain breads), beans, nuts, seeds, fruits, and veggies. Avoid simple carbs (sugar, starch, and pretty much anything processed).
  • 20% fat from healthy sources (meaning unsaturated and saturated fats) like avocados, nuts, seeds, and plant oils (olive and coconut are great. Corn and soy are an absolute no). And none of that should come from trans fats.

Try to get the majority of your calories from actual real meals. When you are eating as many calories as you need, however, it can be a little difficult to consume that much food so it’s ok to supplement your meals with protein shakes and other dietary supplements.

So if you can get all your calories from real food, that is definitely ideal. But if you find you’re coming up short, go ahead and look into supplements.

How to Bulk Up With Training

Your specific training routine will depend on your fitness level and exactly what your trying to sculpt. But for the general purpose of building mass (and making sure that mass is actual lean muscle instead of fat), there are a few guidelines regarding your training that you should keep in mind:

training routine for bulking up

  • Go for more reps, not more weight. Of course, you do need to be increasing weight as you adapt but you’ll stimulate far more muscle growth by doing more reps of a lower weight than a single rep of your max weight. So don’t always push yourself to the absolute max. Stay a little under your max so that you can do more reps.
  • Focus on form, not more weight or reps. We’re stressing this “don’t obsess about the weight” thing a lot because so many bodybuilders make the mistake of only focusing on this single aspect. But you are going to stimulate more muscle growth by doing each rep in perfect form. If you speed through it and lose form just to fit in a few more reps or to handle a little more weight, you aren’t stimulating muscle growth as effectively and you risk serious injury.
  • Do shorter sessions but more of them. If you are going to the gym just twice a week and justifying that by doing 2 or 3 hours sessions each time, you are holding yourself back. It would be better to do 1 hour or 1.5 hour sessions 4 or 5 days a week. Your muscles need constant reminders that they need to grow.
  • Shorten your rest periods. Between each set, try to keep rest periods down to 30-60 seconds. It’s ok if this means you do a shorter workout overall. As mentioned above, it’s better to do shorter sessions and more of them than it is to do a couple really long ones.
  • Develop the whole body. While you may feel that your biceps need more sculpting work than calves at the moment, you have to think of your body as a whole and develop all of your muscles together. In the end, they all work together to complete any movement. And your body looks better when everything is sculpted rather than being super bulky on top and skinny on the bottom.

The Best Steroid Stack For Mass

The best bulking steroids are the ones that are going to help stimulate as much muscle growth as possible. Most often, this is not going to happen through using just one steroid by itself. It’s better to stack them so that you are not only getting the best of what each steroid has to offer but you are also able to get even more results by combining their benefits into one.

Dianabol Dbol Pills Bottles

That’s because there are a few different ones that can be considered the best steroid for mass. So in reality, what you are looking for is the best mass stack. And we would recommend using some combination of the following:

  • Dianabol: also known as D-Bol, this is one of the most widely used steroids for bulking up. It is super, super potent so you don’t need to use a lot. It helps increase nitrogen retention and create a very anabolic environment, both of which help you pack on muscle.
  • Testosterone Enanthate: this is another widely used steroid for bulking and it is very commonly paired with Dianabol and Deca (see below). It is derived from pure testosterone, a hormone that is completely essential to building muscle. It is sometimes called Test-E for short.
  • Deca Durabolin: the final steroid in the bulking up trifecta is deca durabolin (deca for short). It helps to build muscle like the other two but it also helps burn extra body fat, prevent bloating, and give you more energy to charge through your workouts like a pro.

Learn more about potential combinations of these and steroid cycling below.

How to Choose The Best Mass Cycle

Cycling is the process of using a set amount of steroids for a set amount of time (usually ranging from 4 to 12 weeks) and then following that up with an equally long break from steroids.

Best cycle for mass

So, for example, if you use steroids for a 12 week cycle, you would follow that up with a 12 week break where you are totally clean. You still train and follow the same diet plan during this break, you just stop the steroids.

This is done for a few reasons:

  • It gives your body time to adjust and actually experience the gains that the steroids are helping you achieve. You can more accurately see exactly how much they are helping because you are giving your body time to actually get those results.
  • It prevents dependency. It is all too easy to start abusing steroids and the longer you take them, the more likely your body is going to become dependent on them. These breaks act as a kind of detox to help make sure your body is not becoming dependent.
  • It helps you monitor your health. There are a lot of side effects to using steroids and these breaks will give you time to take stock of how you are reacting to them. Pay attention to the kinds of changes your body is undergoing and look for early signs of those negative side effects that you don’t want.

So with that in mind, here are a few examples of some effective steroid cycles to help you bulk up and see the kind of gains you are working so hard for. You don’t have to follow any of these to the letter but they are helpful guidelines for understanding how an effective cycling schedule is created and what should go into it.

There are 3 cycles below: a beginner, intermediate, and advanced cycle. Determining which one best suits you has to do with a few factors:

  • Your experience with steroids. If you’ve never done any steroids at all before, we actually recommending skipping all 3 because they all use steroid stacking (more than one steroid at a time). If you’ve never used any steroid before, it’s better to start with just one steroid to see how your body reacts. If you have tried them before, choose a cycle based on how much experience with steroids you have.
  • Your current fitness level. Regardless of steroids, your fitness level will also determine what cycle you should choose. If you are still trying to burn excess body fat, you’ll want to opt for a beginner cycle because you’re still trying to get into shape. If you’re a seasoned bodybuilder that’s just looking to continue packing on more mass, you can go for a more advanced cycle.

Beginner Mass Building Cycle

Do 8 week cycles using the following doses of the 3 steroids discussed above:

Deca Durabolin Steroids in Bottle

  • Testosterone Enanthate (Test-e): 500 mg per week
  • Deca Durabolin: 250 mg per week
  • Dianabol: 25 mg per day for the FIRST 4 weeks only.

After completing an 8 week cycle, take at least 8 weeks of break where you don’t use any steroids at all. But during this break, you should still train and follow your bulking up diet plan. Afterward, you can decide to either do the same cycle again or go to a different cycle (or do no new cycles at all).

Intermediate Mass Building Cycle

Do 8 week cycles using the following doses of the 3 steroids discussed above:

Testosterone Enanthate 250ml Bottle

  • Testosterone Enanthate (Test-e): 700 mg per week (or 200 mg every other day).
  • Deca Durabolin: 400 mg per week
  • Dianabol: 50 mg per day for the FIRST 4 weeks only.

Always follow any steroid cycle with a break period that is at least as long as the period of time you did steroids. So in this case, you would follow the cycle with at least 8 weeks of no steroids.

Advanced Mass Building Cycle

Do 12 week cycles using the following doses of the 3 steroids discussed above:

advanced mass building cycle

  • Testosterone Enanthate (Test-e): 1,000 mg per week
  • Deca Durabolin: 500 mg per week
  • Dianabol: 700 mg per week (or 100 mg every day) for the FIRST 4 weeks only.

Follow this cycle with at least a 12 week break or off cycle in which you don’t use any steroids at all but continue your same training and diet plan.

Final Word

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into building mass and even more that goes into choosing the right for steroid stack and steroid cycle for you. But above all, it takes commitment and hard work. Once you decide on a routine, stick with it until you see the gains you want.

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