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The Essential Tips For Women: Muscle Building With Steroids

For women, muscle building is just as important as it is for men is just as important as it is for men. Unfortunately, the majority of the information about body building and steroid use is directed at men and rarely, if ever, considers the needs of women.

This article will give you a few body building tips specifically geared toward women. We’ll discuss the unique needs of women who want to build muscle and then talk about testosterone and steroid cycling for women.

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Female Hormones

Yes! Women produce testosterone naturally, too. While it is usually thought of as a male hormone, it definitely exists in women as well. It’s just in a far smaller amount because women need far less than men do.

The upside of that is that women can spend far less money on steroids than men do because they will only need to use a fraction of the dose to see the results they are after.

Weight Training For Women

Due to the female build and natural hormone balance, women do not pack on mass as easily as most men do. It is certainly not impossible as women do, indeed, have muscles and can grow to quite impressive size with a lot of hard work and a good body building routine.

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But female bodybuilding is a different game that plays by somewhat different rules than male bodybuilding. In addition to the fact that female muscle growth is not as dramatic or easy as male muscle growth, women also gain fat more easily than the average man.

So the diet and training program for a woman should not be exactly the same as for men should not be exactly the same as for men. Typically, men trying to Typically, men trying to pack on mass follow a routine of consuming a lot of calories and then follow a routine of consuming a lot of calories and then focusing almost exclusively on strength.

Women on the other hand, need to be concerned about keeping the fat off as well as packing on muscle. So calorie consumption should not be as high. If you are trying to build muscle but don’t need to lose weight, consume the same amount of calories as you burn. If you are trying to burn fat at the same time, consume less calories than what you burn.

For your workout, include a cardio element in every training session to help maintain your body fat at sufficiently low levels. For strength training, follow these tips:

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  • Warm up first. You want your muscles actually warm before you start putting them under heavy strain. So before you reach for the heavy weights, do 5-10 minutes of easy weights to get your muscles ready.
  • Do high-intensity interval training. Keep rest periods short. And opt for short max intensity sets followed by even shorter rest periods. For example, 40 seconds of lifting at your maximum possible intensity (that you can still do more than one rep of) followed by 20 seconds of rest. Cycle through that for as many sets as you plan to do.
  • Go in with a plan. Know which muscle groups you plan to target. Avoid overworking one section and then ignoring another entirely. You want your whole body to develop at a more or less equal pace. All of your muscles work together so if you don’t develop them equally, you will eventually hit a plateau where you aren’t able to develop any further.
  • Focus on form. It can be tempting to just focus on going for more and more weight but the true secret to packing on muscle is having good form so that you are actually using the muscles the way they need to be used to grow. You’ll get better results doing a slightly lower weight with perfect form than you will be doing a heavier weight with bad form. And you’re less likely to injure yourself.

Testosterone For Women

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Just as with men, steroids can be a good way to add that extra boost to your workout so that you get better results and you see them faster. However, you should not follow the same testosterone dosing and cycling that men do. It’s far easier to overdose on steroids for women than for men because your body simply does not need or know what to do with too much testosterone.

No matter how low your dose, you should be prepared for some side effects. For the most part, your side effects will be the same as they are for men.

However, there are a few special concerns for women:

  • Irregular or missed periods. The disruption of your normal hormone balance can cause a change to your menstrual cycle. This is not dangerous on its own but it can affect your fertility. So if you are trying to get pregnant (or are currently pregnant), avoid steroids.
  • More body hair. This happens to men as well but it’s more problematic in women since most women choose to shave body hair. If you’re not a fan of going au natural, be prepared to invest more money in razors, waxing kits, or whatever your preferred hair removal method is.
  • Facial hair. Beards are in style these days but you probably aren’t looking for one. Steroids can cause facial hair growth in women which can be annoying.

You absolutely should not take steroids if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant as this will affect the growth of the fetus.

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So, how much testosterone should you take? We recommend starting as low as possible and very, very gradually increasing if you find the low dose is not giving you the results you want. For women, a dose as low as 5 mg per day is enough to start showing results.

We do not recommend going any higher than 50 mg per day. Cycles should last 4 weeks with an equal length off period (steroid free period).

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